Grants for Innovative TeachingKPSF’s Grants for Innovative Teaching represents the most important aspect of the Foundation’s work. These grants, awarded yearly, are designed to enhance and enrich the learning experience for Kerrville ISD students. To date, KPSF has awarded nearly a half-million dollars in Grants for Innovative Teaching. The grants give our teachers the ability to add or increase the resources available to them, resources not readily provided through local or state funding. Also, the grants help expand our students’ horizons, opening up new learning opportunities.



Teachers, included here is the Timeline for the 2017 Grants for Innovative Teaching process and a Power Point presentation, Tips and Tools; both are designed to help as you go through the steps for preparing your grant submission.

Timeline for Submissions Process


  • Tips and Tools (Click on Tips and Tools. When the next page opens up, go to the top of the new page and click on the smaller, colored version that appears at the top.)
  • Grant Application Process 1 OPEN. CLICK HERE for Process 1 form

APRIL 10 / Process 1 for Approval

  • Deadline for submitting Process 1 Grant Application via online link to KPSF
  • KPSF circulates completed Applications to Principals


  • Grant Application Process 1 due to Administration Committee

MAY 22

  • Administration Committee returns Grant Application Process 1 to Principals
  • Grant Application Process 2 OPEN


  • Deadline for submitting Grant Application Process 2 to KPSF


  • KPSF Grants for Innovative Teaching awarded. Prize Patrol visits classes to inform awardees!


  • Grant awardees join Board of Directors for KPSF Night pre-game festivities at the first Tivy home game at Antler Stadium.


Other Tools/Aids

Teachers, looking for examples or ideas that were successful? CLICK HERE to see a graphic of recently awarded KPSF grants in the Kerrville ISD.

Here you will find a list of all Grants for Innovative Teaching 2013-2016, as well as the amounts for each grant and the winning teacher(s).  (Click on Grants for Innovative Teaching 2013-2016. When the next page opens up, go to the top of the new page and click on the smaller, colored version that appears at the top.)

Lastly, the links below show grants awarded in other districts by educational foundations.  We hope that your imagination will be sparked by reading what other teachers have created! Check this page as we will be updating the list as more good sources are identified.

Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation

Minnetonka Public Schools Foundation

Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation

Olathe Public Schools Foundation

Foundation for Allen [TX] Schools

Frisco Education Foundation

College Station Education Foundation